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Botox benefits for anti-aging

Botox Effectively Treats:

Fine lines and wrinkles

Horizontal forehead lines

Vertical lines between the eyebrows 

Upper and lower lip lines

Chin wrinkles

Vertical neck bands

We haven’t found the fountain of youth, but we’ve gotten close. Research reveals that Botox may be one of the most powerful ways to fight the aging process and keep you looking younger for years to come. With the proper use of Botox, you can begin to combat the effects of aging and move through life more gracefully.

Anti-Aging Benefits

With Botox emerging as a potentially more reliable long-term age deterrent, it’s crucial that we understand the effects of Botox on the body. In this section, we’ll go over some of the more long-term effects of Botox so you can get a better idea of how the procedure can help you fight aging.

Increases Skin Elasticity

Studies have shown that, unlike previously thought, Botox does more than simply paralyze facial muscles in the short term. Instead, the drug may be a leading cause for increased skin elasticity. Scientists have found that those who undergo Botox injections may experience up to a thirty percent increase in the elasticity of their skin.

What this means is that there’s more to the procedure than simply temporary paralysis of certain wrinkles. Specifically, elasticity in the skin helps to erase wrinkles over time, and studies have shown that even deep, ingrained wrinkles can be significantly reduced through the use of Botox. For those who regularly receive Botox injections, this could mean a significant reduction in overall aging.

According to Canadian dermatologist Dr. James Bonaparte, “[Our study suggests] that… [when you use Botox] you’re actually remodeling the skin to get rid of the wrinkle.” With this research in mind, the use of Botox as a long-term cosmetic procedure may be more effective than initially thought.

Botox benefits for anti-aging Mazatlan Mexico

Dr. Valentina Zambrana is endorsed by the Mexican Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine (IMMAE), Founding School of Aesthetic Medicine in Mexico. Our Anti-Aging office offers innovative procedures that will help restore and properly treat aging.

The purpose of our clinic is to encourage and educate the population about caring for the person, both inside and out, to improve the Quality of Life, both Physical and Emotional for our Clients. 

Botox Anti-Aging Mazatlan Mexico
Botox Anti-Aging Mazatlan
Botox Anti-Aging Mazatlan
Botox Anti-Aging Mazatlan
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