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Air Ambulance Mazatlan Mexico

Air Ambulance

Aeromedevac has been in business 28+ years. Our fleet of Lear Jets dedicated to air ambulance service are outfitted for convalescent through critical and intensive care medical, surgical and trauma patients. In the case of an infectious disease, such as COVID-19, our IsoArk isolation unit provides a safe environment for the patient, family and crew.

Our flight medical staff are medical professionals; flight nurses have 5 years-experience in hospital specialty units and paramedics have 5 years-experience in 911 pre-hospital care, physicians are board certified in emergency medicine or another medical specialty. Care is always bedside to bedside. Any family accompanying the patient are under the wings of our flight medical team.

Aeromedevac provides service nationally and internationally. Nationwide includes Alaska and Hawaii. Internationally we service Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Aeromedevac also has Worldwide capabilities using Long-Distance Air Ambulance Aircraft and by Airline Medical Escort service.

Air Ambulance Mazatlan Mexico


Mexico is a tourist and business travel destination, as well as being the home to many expatriates and seasonal residents from the USA, Canada and other countries. Reliable air ambulance service is important when serious sudden illness or injury or chronic health problems demand the patient be transferred to the USA, Canada or their home country.​

Air Ambulance Mazatlan Mexico

Medical Team

Every patient is attended by at least two professional flight medical team members, sometimes three. The primary care team is a Flight Registered Nurse and Flight Paramedic. Flight RN’s – 5 years experience in acute, critical, intensive care in hospitals. Flight Paramedics – five years experience in pre-hospital 911 service. When required, a physician, mid-level practitioner or respiratory therapist is added to the flight medical team.

Our Chief Flight Nurse has 15+ years air ambulance patient care experience. The Chief Flight Paramedic has 10+ years air ambulance patient care experience. The Medical Director is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. He is a faculty member and practicing physician at a university medical center.

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